Saturday, May 1, 2010

Best Web Hosting Reviews

Top Web Hosting is a web hosting reviews community website, unique by his content, simplicity and best quality!

Web Hosting Top represent a pioneer in web host reviews worldwide, the most reliable website resource! has certain unique features, offered to our community, apart of top 10 web hosting list and top webhosting companies

* Great discounts & coupons from best website providers with over 20500 news, newsletter and articles well organized with fresh web hosting industry content.
* The biggest web hosting directory with over 15.000 companies worldwide, with over 2000 plans (with RSS export functionality), promotions, company address & customer support info.
* Top Hosts ranking based on number of hosted domains and per countries, like Top 10 Hosts Google Rank & Top 10 Hosts Alexa Rating
* Website hosting listing per countries, e.g. UK Web Hosting, Canada WebHosting or US Hosting Directory
* About 5500 webmasters, customers & users reviews with over 500.000 votes, explained glossary terms, a great webmaster tools section and list of available control panels .. plus a lot more!

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