Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coalmining investor, John Baugues

Coalmining investor, John Baugues has taught us that access to high-quality coal resources is only one vein of smart coalmine development strategy that he uses. Another vein that for John Baugues, Jr. explores is the geographic location of the mine and its closeness to viable transportation venues. Transportation costs account for the majority of the overall costs of delivered coal, so the closer a mine is to efficient transportation venues, the more cost effective the mine will be. John Baugues, Jr. has gone after this vein of thinking in his choosing of mining investments, recognizing that location to rail is the key to safe, efficient, and swift transport of his coal both domestically and internationally. Baugues' Eastern Kentucky coal preparation location, for instance, focuses on it’s closeness to the CSX rail line, one of three Class I railroads in the Eastern United States with close proximity to numerous major cities, ports, and strategic steel mill locations. Coal from John Baugues Jr.' Appalachian facilities therefore connects its target destinations with ease and efficiency - and at a lower cost than coal shipments utilizing truck or barge transport as well. Additionally, they connect to multiple ports puts John Baugues' coal benefit the country's thriving coal export market. International demand for US coal is high and will continue to grow, and thanks to the location of his coal mines and preparation facilities, John Baugues, Jr. has a leg up on other competition in meeting that demand. The lesson: location, location, location. Proximity to rail transportation makes all the difference.
john baugues
john baugues

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Facebook Timeline For Brands

Timeline for Brands on Facebook has arrived! All pages will officially be converted on March 30th! At Blast creative we are not negative Nellies! We try to look at the positive and just go with it. There are a lot of positives to the new FB Timeline! We encourage you to embrace the change!

Facebook allows us a rent free platform to share our business and services with other. Take advantage of what they have to offer and move forward! You have questions or need help with the transition contact us here at Blast creative, we are happy to assist you in any way that you can! Watch our video and embrace the change!

If you are a business owner in any of these genres, financial, photographers, dentists, hotels, restaurants, construction, HVAC, hardware stores, real estate, or any business owner and want more information on Social Media Marketing, please contact Blast Creative today!