Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is Your Website Sad and Lonely?

Is your website sad and lonely? Neglected by you, your staff and your clients alike? Sitting all alone on page 3 of Google–or worse, page 55?

Have you abandoned your poor website? Too embarrassed to even post it? Is it clothed in yesterday’s fashion? Neglected with broken links and outdated content? Do you have old-timey buttons that are gigantic, an antiquated link exchange or fancy scrolling text from the nineties?


Have you been spending so much time on Facebook and YouTube that you forgot that your own website is the most important thing in your web marketing world? Have you run out of time to make the changes? Ignoring it’s helpless pleas for a make-over? Are you pretending everything is okay, when you know good and well something is wrong–very wrong with your tired old site that nobody cares about? The only person you’re not hurting is your competitors.

Do your clients and prospects a big favor. Stop lying to yourself, or hiding your head in the sand. Your website is a mere shadow of what it used to be, isn’t it? It’s not good enough for the new open web. It needs a fresh face and a new attitude–and it’s about time you do something about it.

(And don’t think your cousin’s uncle’s brother’s friend will do you any better on the website front either. You need help from an expert. A real expert who knows how to maneuver and position you in this new world of social media and the open web.)

Don’t Waste Another Day

Face it: Your website is tired, boring and old. It doesn’t do what you want it to do–not even close. You know deep in your heart that there are better ways to generate buzz on the web, but you’re afraid to invest (even a little) in technology. Why? You know in your heart that the web is the wave of the future. That 200 million people login to Facebook everyday. That fame is up-for-grabs. Why would you come to the party with an old teddybear of a website? Or wearing the same dress that over 1000 other girls have? Why? Why? Why?
Rotary Phones & 8-Track Tapes

When I was a little girl, rotary phones were still around, though many people migrated to the push-button kind. Remember? If not, think cassettes vs. CDs (though some of us remember records and 8-Tracks, but that’s not my point). What I am trying to say is that technology MOVES FORWARD and your website needs to stay ahead of the game, or at the least, neck-in-neck with the latest technology. Those old rotary phones took forever to dial just one number! The new buttons made life easier, gave us more time to live our lives and accomplish what we wanted. Likewise, there is new web technology available to you that can help you reach more people in less time and for less money. It can allow you to make your own edits, update the design in minutes, and share your thoughts with the entire planet with the click of a mouse.

If you only knew!

Believe me, I would rather not sell websites. I would rather coach, write and speak all day long. Unfortunately, my target market–small to medium business owners–do not hear the endless cries of their tired old websites. They just let the cries drone on, and on, and on–holding their noses to the foul smell. Therefore, I, a dedicated social media expert, must continue to sell, sell, sell newer, faster, better small to medium business websites that get the job done like no cheap template ever would or could. (I’m trying to make the world a better place..)
Old, Cheap Websites Are Bad for You!

Every time I talk with a potential coaching or consulting client, I first ask to see their website. Much to my chagrin, the sites are always old, boring, tired, feeble and practically useless. It is so sad to see their poor, neglected sites shivering in the cold, in dire need of warmth and TLC. I just want to run over, pick it up, squeeze it and give it a thousand kisses. I ache to bring those poor useless websites back to life by introducing them back to civilization, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, YouTube. Heart wrenching.

Can’t You See? Your Website Needs You!

Your website is crying, begging and pleading to be brought up-to-date with the new decade. It needs a little TLC. There are so many ways you could help it. So many things you can do that require very little from you. New technology is making new tools affordable like content management system, search engine optimization, editable pages, lead capture forms and IDX search. Nowadays you can get a site that’s built with open source code that makes changing the design as easy-as-changing an iPhone case. It’s terribly disconcerting that all this amazing technology is at your fingertips and you’re not using it to make your life easier. Too bad, website so sad.

Your website is the core of all your social media activities. When you’re online having a blast like 200 gazillion other people (including your target market), you could have something worth showing off–if only you’d invest a little time and money to make your website as brilliant as you are. If only. If only you’d see the value in having a website that’s integrated with social media, search engine optimized and totally editable by you. If only.


Just a few years ago, your website was fine and dandy. It was merely a place to hold information. Any website would do–you didn’t need an expensive contraption. You could build your own site at GoDaddy, or pay $49 per month to Advanced Access. You didn’t need to pay more, because cheap template sites would get the job done. Not any more.

If you want to experience top-level success on the web using social media, you will need to get a new website that’s inline with new open web technology.
Your new site needs to be clothed in original couture, unique and branded to match your target market. Put your lonely website to work! It is dying to feel useful. She could be a work-horse, if you let her. A central repository (so-to-speak) of all your web content. If social media sites are like mingling at a party, your website is like bringing good friends to your hacienda. Your website is the focal point, your place on the web where everything stems, and everything flows. Don’t embarrass yourself with an unkempt web house. (Not with me around!)

You new, popular, fulfilled website can do what your worn-out, used one never could. Here’s what I’m thinking:

1. Brand your business.
2. Provide information to clients, prospects, industry & media.
3. Offer tools for prospects to use.
4. Contain your blog.
5. Contain all web content to be distributed through social media.
6. Convert prospects with lead capture tools.
7. Tell prospects about all social media activity.
8. Automatically update to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Others.
9. Allow your visitors to Tweet your posts and share them on other sites on the open web.
10. Provide a place for visitors to comment and engage with content.
11. Optimized for search engine rankings.
12. Integrated with Google for immediate indexing in the cache via direct RSS feed.
13. User friendly layout with search feature.

Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Well it is. Just a few short years ago, you couldn’t get these features for a reasonably priced website. Today, all that has changed. My company, BLaST creative can help turn your old site into a beauty queen with endorsement offers. ;-)

And That’s Not All!

Your website deserves to have the best there is, so we’ve spared nothing to bring you even more attributes to make your site the best–and to help you show it off with pride in social circles.

Having an updated website that feels good about herself will pay dividends well beyond the web. You will be more proud of your online look, and more likely to share her with others. You will begin to see an increase in notoriety and fame among your target market, as your new, improved, advanced, beautiful semi-custom website will sparkle, shine and do the work of ten horses for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year–around the planet–for infinity.

Give the girl a break. Get an update today! Together, we’ll create a client-magnet.

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