Friday, January 8, 2010

The Dos and Don’ts of Web Hosting

Okay, so you already know that you want/need a website, but what you aren’t sure of is web hosting! If you need web hosting, go to GoDaddy and not a redistrubitor of GoDaddy, but!

I promise you that you and your web designer may be best friends today! But I can guarantee you that somewhere down the road you will part ways. That is when the waters start to get murky! Well whose site is it anyway. Let me make myself very clear here-IT’S YOURS! You paid for it, it’s your site, but some of the designers that have you host with them think that if you are no longer their client they can take your site hostage.

Not only is this site hostage situation unprofessional, it’s illegal! It’s YOUR SITE! And people who redistribute-which means that GoDaddy lets designers like myself resell their hosting packages. Not only do these designers charge you significantly more than if you were to go to GoDaddy directly and purchase the package yourself, but you also have to go through their link to access your site.

So if this designer changes sites or moves on to another business, you now have to search for your hosting and where to log-in. BIG HEADACHE! So go to the web hosting site of YOUR choice and I do prefer! Purchase the package yourself, then contact a designer. Stay ahead of the game and save yourself a few headaches!

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